The playground is constructed as a cooperation between the village of Pobiedna and the Lighthouse Center Poland (LCP), situated 2 km from the village centre of Pobiedna in Lower Silesia, Poland. LCP is run by the Holosophic Sociey Poland who is a part of the umbrella organisation of the HSI.


“The playground is beautiful. It would be nice if everyone could respect it, since it was built out of a good heart and in a totally selfless way.”
Magda, 20 years old

“It is cool. People who worked there were very friendly and cheerful. I like the cableway the most  and the play tunnel walkway because it is beautifully painted.”
Ewelina, 11 years old

“Everyone is happy with this playground. It is beautiful, wonderful , but most important is the attitude of the people working here; this friendliness and the smile on their faces. They worked on sunny days, as well as on rainy ones, careless of the weather. They can be an example for many people.”

“The Playground is nice, fun and I love to play there. All playing apparatus are cool but what I like the most is the cableway. Thank you for building this playground!”
Krzysiu , 11 years old

“It’s great. They worked very hard. It’s fun playing on it. It is durable. I especially like the cableway and the swings. It’s just beautiful!”
Kasia, 11 years old

“A very nice playground! It is useful for children and adults. We need someone to keep an eye on it permanently. It is also very beneficial for the shop 🙂 “

“For me working in  this special project was a really good experience. To work together with many nice people and do something that helps the people and all the children in Pobiedna was great for me. It was good to see how the playground was growing every day a little bit more and how so many – especially the children – participated and made their contribution to the project.”

“Its been a great experience to be able to serve in this project. Even though it was at times very strenuous, it is a great reward to see so many little enthusiastic and happy faces up until today. May it remain like that!”


“Architect? No. The Ideas were coming from all people around. Everybody added a piece of his memory, what kind of playground he wanted, when he was a child. And I puzzled them together. I think, you can feel these pieces of ourselves there.”
Jana, Architect

“Working together with the children and teenagers has given us a lot of joy, and the trust to each other as well as  the affection were really growing day by day. It has been fascinating with how much enthusiasm and ability they all, even the smallest ones, were plunging into the partially even difficult work. The construction of the playground has shown all of us with how much joy something nice can develop, when many hitch up one´s knickers. The open-hearted relation to many villagers of Pobiedna and the joy of the children are the best reward.”

Gerlind and Stefan