Our ideals

What is the meaning of holosophic? The origin of the term »Holosophic« are the Greek words »holos« meaning entire, and »sophia« meaning wisdom or knowledge.

Holosophic at the level of body

Is about being aware of and adopting a healthy lifestyle through our choice of foods (vegetarian) and striving to establish wholesome and natural living conditions. It involves the use of natural resources in a sustainable way respecting the environment and life in all its forms.

Holosophic at the level of mind

Is about raising a deepened understanding of what being a human is. Following the Holosophic idea implies an awareness of ourselves, how we think and how we act. It transforms our attitude towards ourselves and all others by developing respect and compassion towards others.

Holosophic at the level of soul

Means that through meditation one realizes one’s core element of existence, the soul. The HSI promotes events and publications that focus on the teachings of Sant Baljit Singh Ji, like unity in diversity, compassion for all, a natural lifestyle, and devotion to the omnipresent God pervading all. Our programs and events are open to those over the age of 18.