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Financial Status 2015


Income-Expenditure 2015

Donations128 877,69 EUR
Interest0,00 EUR
Sum Income128 877,69 EUR
Operational expenditure69 990,66 EUR
Support (teams, centers, workshops, information events)73 211,41 EUR
Direct Charity1 841,32 EUR
 Sum Expenditure145 043,39 EUR
Annual Result-16 165,70 EUR


Remuneration Policy for Board Members

The board members of Holosophic Society International (HSI) work on a purely voluntary basis. Only reasonable expenses for travel and lodging occurred during work for HSI are reimbursed.

The board has appointed one senior administrator who received a wage, included in the operational expenditure.


Brief Explanation Income-Expenditure

The donations decreased slightly compared to 2014.

The main Operational Expenditures are expenses that enables the HSI to implement activities to inform and train member societies and their supporters.

It was important to continue to support the country societies enabling them to implement their activities. The support was mainly given to societies in Eastern Europe and the international Lighthouse Center® in Poland. The HSI board was happy to increase the support compared to 2014 as many new initiatives were taken in the countries.

The Direct Charity was the first charity initiative organized directly by the HSI supporting a refugee center in Munich (Germany).


Balance sheet as of December 31, 2015

Immaterial assets0,00 EUR
Material assets1 430,41 EUR
Current assets33 886,62 EUR
Sum ASSETS35 317,03 EUR
Contributed Capital20 019,28 EUR
Retained earnings30 109,57 EUR
Annual result-16 165,70 EUR
Liabilities1 353,88 EUR