160 venues and centers across the HSI region organize events of varying scales.

Lighthouse Centers®

Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) was established and is operated by the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) in the village of Pobiedna.  With the support of volunteers from across Europe as well as voluntary donations, LCP has developed and grown into the center it is today.

The LCP is a retreat center aiming to create an environment where the ideals of the society can be put into practice.  This includes experiencing a natural and healthy way of living, voluntary service and meditation. The center is located in the beautiful countryside at the foot of the Izery Mountains in Lower Silesia, Poland, near the German and Czech Republic borders.

City Centers

There are over 160 venues across the HSI region where events of varying scales are organised and run.  Within this number, there are 18 City Centers across Europe and Africa. City Centers provide a regular place for local groups to gather for a range of locally and nationally organised events.  These include social events, information events or gatherings where attendees have the opportunity to meditate.