The Holosophic Society International (HSI) is an umbrella organization set up to guide and support affiliated national Holosophic societies in Europe and Africa. The HSI has been operating since its registration in 1995, in Maastricht, and has grown to host 19 national Holosophic organizations with expansion still continuing.

Umbrella Organization


Our activities range from organizing interactive seminars on the topics of personal and community wellbeing, natural and healthy living, the benefits of a vegetarian diet and meditation. We participate in initiatives promoting ecology and nature and that champion environmentally responsible solutions; in our centers, we actively promote the use of natural and organic cultivation methods. We are also active in championing charitable causes for the needy.



The HSI organizes large international multi-cultural events to bring people together for common good. The HSI also supports national and local ‘city centres’ operated by Holosophic organizations running activities aligned to the Holosophic vision.
In total the HSI and its member societies collectively organise well over 1000 events annually. Over 2500 participants join these events monthly and more than 800 are volunteers that take part in the planning, organisation and running of all the events.